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What can a Vent server owner do?
04-19-2011 05:29 PM
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What can a Vent server owner do?
So some guys invited me to their server during a normal queue game (weird huh? randoms actually trying to work together) and never said anything when I kept returning to their server. They even gave me the address to their new server when they moved servers.

Anyways, one day I'm on and some guy (he was one of the 4 constantly muted/deaf people in one of the channels so I didn't pay attention to him) pops up in my channel and says I haven't been making my payments. I tell him no one told me to make any payments. He says that they should have and since my visit I've accumulated $400 of due payment. I reply ok and he tells me the details to where to send the check and all. After that, we make small talk and ask about each other's background. After he finds out I'm Asian, he starts being racist as hell so I just disconnect and deleted the server from my history and decide not to pay him back.

Is there something he can do besides kick me from the server if I ever go back?

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04-19-2011 05:32 PM
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RE: What can a Vent server owner do?

ROFL What?!

Okay first of all I have yet to hear of a guild or anything that CHARGES their members for the Ventrilo server.
The idea that you owe them money? That's pure BS and the guy is being a total asshat to you.
If he's an actual admin then don't go back. Use another vent that's it.

All he can do is ban you and that's it. Unless you were given some form that you signed and sent back that gave notice that you had to do any sort of payment he can't do jack.

The fact he's racist is even a bigger red flag.

[Edit] Srsly get on the chat I gotta hear about this from you.

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04-19-2011 05:48 PM

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RE: What can a Vent server owner do?
That dude sounds like he has a few screws loose and is way to greedy for his own good.

No vent server has extra hidden fees. All you can do is just ignore this person. If he decides to stalk and harass you, I think you can press charges against him.

As flame said, just go to a different vent.

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