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Thoughts on new reworks?
04-23-2011 10:45 PM
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Thoughts on new reworks?
What does everyone think about Gangplank, Fiddlesticks, and Xin Zhao's reworks?

I'm not too sure about balance, but I think they're all great although I wonder about Fid's jungling

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04-23-2011 11:34 PM

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RE: Thoughts on new reworks?
I like the Gangplank changes, I always hated how both his Q and his ult were so luck based. Looking forward to trying him.

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04-24-2011 01:37 AM

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RE: Thoughts on new reworks?
I was going to laugh at fiddle, until i heard increased silence duration, then I just sighed =/

they need to leave Xin alone tbh, they keep juggling him back and forth, because improper testing is clearly how things should be run...

And GP is fine, he needed a buff, but he needed that ult adjustment.

Alistar seems like he's going to be awesome again, though his new passive is a bit retarded, but oh well I'll see how that goes. I prefer tower dmg over lame aura aoe around him, though running though minion waves is kinda nice, especially for pushing and rushing to a gank assist.

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04-24-2011 02:15 AM
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RE: Thoughts on new reworks?
I liked the changes on Fiddle. The silence is annoying that's fine but the fact they nerfed the heal at low level is nice because he could heal so much at the beginning it was silly. It'll also slow down his farming.

Xin I don't mind actually. He definitely did go squish if he got focused in team fights and the changes on his Ult is great to hear aswell as that ASPD passive as I found you'd lose too much dps during that time when you activated it.

GP changes are awesome! You won't have to worry about Denyplank and the buff might be useful beyond just denying. The changes to Parley is quite a good idea since now you can use it more and the mana cost and +Gold is changed to make it better. His ULT! OMG FINALLY! That fucking ult was so bloody useful as before it was a hit or miss.

Alistar changes are quite nice as that new passive will help with running through minions and whatnot and it's pretty much a miniature Rammus ult but activated whenever he uses a skill. Glad they gave him more mana as he was pretty mana whorey before and would run out so fast.

Overall I quite like the changes they did, it balanced out fiddles a bit when it came to the heal and Crowstorm is less "I have it you all die" with the changes he'll need more AP to pull off a TPK now.
Big cheers for the changes.

[Edit] You've clearly haven't played long enough to know that Xin, when originally out, was ridiculously OP and they been juggling him a lot because their trying to find the right blend for him to be not OP or UP.

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