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The Winged Grace "Adarna"
07-05-2013 12:27 AM
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The Winged Grace "Adarna"
[Image: m8nt5y.jpg]

The Winged Grace


Stories foretold of a creature deep within the greenery of Berbania, far from the land of Valoran. It was said that this creature, taking the form of a vibrant fowl, had tears that could cure even the most ominous diseases. During the solace of afternoons, its gentle hymns can be heard by unwary hunters. Doom befell the unfortunate people who hear this chilling mantra, sleep dominating their senses, stone creeping across their bodies, never to wake again. It was this bird, named by the locals as Adarna, which ruled the lush but treacherous forests of Berbania. Meanwhile, an unknown and incurable plague swept across the nation of Valoran, claiming the lives of thousands and counting. This ordeal forced Valoran’s key magicians and powerful summoners to search for a solution. The tale of the legendary bird Adarna soon caught their attention, and so in desperation, they hired mercenaries, hunters, and eventually, anyone who was brave enough to capture this bird, so that its magical powers can be harnessed. With the offer of fame, honor and riches a many, champions soon took upon themselves this burden, including Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer, Jarvan IV the Exemplar of Demacia, Rengar the Pridestalker and even Noxus’ very own Talon, the Blade’s Shadow, but they were only lucky enough to come back alive once they had journeyed into the territory of the Wings of Berbania.

After many failed attempts of such renowned champions, the impossibility of such an undertaking soon spread throughout the League of Legends. It was then that Anivia, the Cryophoenix, volunteered not to hunt, but to persuade the legendary bird to come to Valoran in order to get rid of the vile plague. After a few days, two icy mighty wings emerged amongst the skies of Valoran, no doubt Anivia’s, but with another pair of wings soaring with her, whose more vivid feathers brushed the clear sky. Adarna landed gracefully, and much to everyone’s surprise, shifted into the form of an elegantly dressed woman. After helping create a cure to finally rid of the Valoran plague, she announced that in return for her help, she would like to be a champion in the League of Legends, not so much as to escape the eternal and often weary confines of her home, but to prove to those who had planned to hunt her down that she was not some mere game for people to seek, much to Rengar’s resentment.
“Indeed she is the definition of grace, but do not let your eyes fool you. Here in the war-torn land of the League of Legends, that elegance dominates the battlefield.” - Anivia the Cryophoenix, when asked about Adarna.


Passive Ability: Feathers’ Grace
Reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares and roots on allies near Adarna by 5%
Shape Shift Bonus: Reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares and roots on allies near Adarna by an additional 5%.

1st Active Ability: Consecration
Purifies an area with Adarna’s tears, healing allies within it gradually.
Shape shift bonus: Increased area of effect and casting range.

2nd Active Ability: Song of Seven
Sends out a wave of sound in a cone which sends enemies to sleep for 1 second.
Shape shift bonus: The skill will gain magic damage.

3rd Active Ability: Desecration
Launches a projectile that magically damages a single enemy. If hit with the projectile while asleep, the duration of sleep is refreshed.
Shape Shift Bonus: The summoned projectile can pass through enemies and hit multiple targets.

Ultimate Ability: Ballad of Berbania
Adarna sings to the heavens and shape shifts temporarily into her bird form, soaring to a designated area, instantly healing all allies in her radius and damaging enemies surrounding her. While she remains in bird form, all of Adarna’s skills are improved. In addition, allies close to her are given bonus health regeneration.

Champion Achievement
Won Create your Champion Awards via LOLPH

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