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The Void war (Short Story by me, but improved)
03-16-2011 09:24 PM

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The Void war (Short Story by me, but improved)
There is a place between dimensions, between worlds. Some call it the Beyond; to others, it is the Unknown. A few knowledgeable souls grant it a more fitting name--the Void, an endless darkness in which entire universes are mere islands of fading light.

But its name is wrong in one respect. The Void is not empty. Unspeakable monstrosities dwell there, horrors not meant for the minds of men. And a chosen few dwell here--champions of the League. It is from these creatures that we draw much of our knowledge about the Void, as any past reference to the Voidborn is entirely absent from historical texts--some say, deliberately erased. To confront these terrible beasts, disarmed of our greatest weapon against them, knowledge--it is a dismaying prospect.

One among men knows more. And so it is that I have devoted myself to studying the one known as Kassadin, perhaps our best hope to shine against the coming night. i do not know if he was called Kassadin before or after he was forced to view the horrors and nightmares that the void consisted of, therefore I shall just call him by his current name Kassadin. For this I shall write a little history of how our leader Kassadin has come to be our leader in the void war.

Kassadin kneeled onto the sandy ground as a black nightmarish creature commanded him to look off into the void. This man screamed as he saw things, monsters, abominations. Slowly his screaming faded as he looked at the nightmares. He had transformed, he was now half man half Void-born. Kassadin stood and turned around steadily. Then he knocked the nightmarish creature to the ground.

“You don't control me anymore.” He stated distantly then a ethereal bolt of void energy shot from his fingers and collided with the nightmarish creature, who stood in a stunned shock as Kassadin rift walked behind the creature and pushed him into the void. A booming deep voice ripped from the throat of the creature as it faded into the void. From that day on Kassadin knew the horrors of the void and was devoted to stopping it.

It is many centuries later, Kassadin is still alive thanks to the void and Runeterra is under attack from the Void-born, the thin line that separated reality from the Void has faded and disappeared. Runeterra has turned into a vast wasteland where many different and unique nightmarish Void-born preyed upon the defenseless and the weak. Many have retreated and are fortifying and securing the perimeter of the Institute of War. leading the defense of the institute of war is Kassadin, seeing as he knows how to fight the void-born.

I hear Void-born, they are clawing at the walls, I gotta run, my name is Locksley, and I have been writing this history I am leaving it here if I don't return, if someone finds this please finish my work.


I am back, I lived through an event of great importance which I feel must be put down on paper.

There I stood in the center of our group, with the other powerful mages and summoners. Tons of champions all from different places swarmed around us keeping us protected in the center as we marched from the Institute of War toward Frejord even though that is not our destination. A cold wind blew and the shadows were dark and menacing, nearby a corpse lay with only small patches of flesh left, which ravens were pecking at. So far no Void-born had appeared and I relaxed when I saw a great big shape to the right.

A large roar echoed across the clearing as Void-born of every shape and size darted and collided with our group fighting. Me and the other mages did whatever we could to help as we kept moving further. Shouts and battle cries were yelled as champions fought tooth and claw as we cut a path forward.

“Stop, you wont make it, we cant be stopped.” A humongous black inky creature charged forward and uprooted one tree and then he threw it into the middle of our ranks threatening to crush me and the other mages and summoners who were vital to this mission. I shut my eyes and ducked, when I looked back up I saw that Janna had used a tornado to send it back where it came from. The tree trunk smashed into the creature’s chest then it splinter apart as mundo charged forward with a cleaver held at the ready.

“Mundo go where he pleases!” Mundo shouted as he threw a cleaver straight into the inky creature’s leg. The creature fell down to one knee as Nidalee threw a spear straight into it’s head killing it. As we got closer and closer to our destination the Void-born fought harder and harder and more had come. Soraka and Sona were healing well however we still had heavy causalities.

Finally we had reached the area where the void was most apparent and where the Void-born were coming from the void into our world. The champions expanded the circle giving us summoners and mages more room as we concentrated our minds. I remember the connection between us and the void, it was a nightmare. Images of beasts more grotesque than any others I have ever seen, some were faceless huge statues. Some horrific scenes flickered before my eyes. A baby crying in her crib in small wooden room and a grim shadow stood above her holding a large rusty knife, I was scared and my courage failed as the knife slowly swung downward.

“Come on we are almost there!” Another mage grunted as he struggled with the void. Finally the void started to pull the Void-born back into its murky depths.

“We will be back” A demonic voice rang out from the void as it finally sealed.

We conquered the Void that day, the memories haunt me as I know they will for as long as I live. Still some Void-born are loose, but most of them we can round up easily, we didn’t have many causalities, and for that I am grateful. I guess it is time for another sleepless night.

The end

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04-03-2011 02:42 AM

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RE: The Void war (Short Story by me, but improved)
A fine piece of literary work! Here's some notes:

Some minor grammatical errors, like missing comas or such, nothing that can't be fixed.

Some things, happened way too suddenly. It may just be my preference, and I know this was supposed to be a short little tale, and so this argument is actually a bit weird, but things like the fourth paragraph.
He sees the void... and is already transformed. I would have liked a tiny little description of how the dark energies change him or something of the sort.

The transition between his change and all-out anti-Void war is a bit too sudden, too. Perhaps inserting a few snippets from his time at the Institute or other adventures would help the transition a great deal.

Overall, though, I still enjoyed it quite a lot! Keep on writing, mate.

Every coin has two sides. No exceptions.
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