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The life of a minion (A short story wrote by yours truly)
03-16-2011 09:23 PM

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The life of a minion (A short story wrote by yours truly)
I stepped out of the nexus and quietly talked to the purple caster minion in front of me. We slowly marched and the cold wind invaded my purple robes. I had a lot of things on my mind, not only was I afraid of the turret and of losing my friends this match I also had my heart broken, for Jinx had left me. I explained this to Guru-shash, the purple minion in front of me.

“Eh, you will find someone better, I tried that robots dating service you know that Fitzbank’s?” Guru-Shash whispered hoping that the champions wouldn’t hear him.

“Blitzcrank’s? Yeah I saw the signs.” I whispered back.

“Eh, it matched me up with Lisha, she may be a blue caster but she is pretty isn’t she?”

“Yeah” I mumbled feeling sorry for myself. We arrived near a tower and started fighting it; there were screams as flashes of blue light smashed into some of my dear friends’ bodies. Several minions were vaporized where they stood while others were blown into the air and they fell limply down. Guru-Shash was moaning, close to death as horns blared and the tower ceased attacking and the champions stopped fighting. Noxus had surrendered; healers rushed across the fields and saved the minions they could, to be used for another battle.

One week later I stood staring up at a huge billboard. It read “Blitzcrank’s dating service, it’s here, its now, and it matches you for compatibility.” This drew me to the dating service, and I signed up straight away. I met a nice purple minion, her name was Lila, oh my was she beautiful. The first date went well and eventually I came to love her, a few weeks later I stood nervously in a nice cafe asking her to be my partner in life when she said yes. My heart leapt for joy that day. If only I knew what was going to come the next day.

The next day I recieved a message, informing me that I was to report to the fields of justice to perform my role as a minion. I was afraid for once more i marched behind my friend Guru-Shash.

“Lila accepted yesterday.” I dreamily professed as I thought about her.

“Congratulations!” He said with a fake cheery tone in his voice, i knew he was trying to keep me cheerful even though he knew there was no chance the enemy would surrender. My courage started to fade as the turret loomed up above me, but i kept telling myself i would live and see Lila again. The earth quaked and the purple minions and blue minions collided with one another clawing for just one more second of life. Minions were blasted up in the air as the blue blasts hit the minions in front of us. I fought as I realized I would never see Lila again. I started breaking down and then I lost it as I looked around and realized all my friends, all my comrades were gone. My heart sank as I squinted against a small blue light, then I grunted when I great blue flash collided with my body.

The End

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