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May be attending to the Clanbase OpenCup
09-22-2011 05:49 AM

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May be attending to the Clanbase OpenCup
So yeah... those who haven't heard it, the EU side of things decided to hold an Tournament-ish thingy (much like the pre-season 1 GameBattles tourney) and me, together with a select group of friends decided we'd enter as soon as everybody is ready to do so...
I don't know why I made a thread 'bout this, but it happened.

If a group called Oblivion's Gift get in the finals I be happy.

I saw London, I saw France, hell I even saw Cho'gath dance.
Oh no, don't mind me, I'm just stacking aura's here, go on and hit the tank ^^'.
1600 games in and still sucking a tennis-ball through a garden hose.
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