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Kino's story corner
04-20-2011 03:38 PM
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Kino Reldon

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Kino's story corner
Since everyone else is getting into the swing of sharing, I thought, "Hmm, why shouldn't I?" Well, now I am sharing my stories with you guys. They aren't League of Legends stories, but their still stories. Let me know what you all think of them. ^^ Twisted or otherwise.

Story 1: Julie
The rain pitter pattered against the ground, uncaring of the events it fell upon. Julie ran through the back alleys of the city, the sound of rain and heavy footsteps chased after her. She had lost her purse when a man suddenly jumped her.
She had struggled and managed to get away, but she lost her purse in the process. In her panicked state, she ran into one of the many back alleys in this city. The man took pursuit of her as the rain fell upon the world.
Julie ran, jumping over debris and ignoring the burning pain in her legs. She wasn’t much of an athlete, but her petite form at least made it easier to run through the alleys. She pantted as she made her way in her mad attempt to run from her assailant. Her feet splashed in small puddles as she took a left, then a right.
The madman behind her seemed to be growing louder as she tried to run. And then something exploded next to her. Julie’s ears were suddenly ringing, and to make matters worse, she just ran into a dead end. She turned around as another bullet flew past her, inches from her face.
There was nothing she could do but face this madman. The rain seemed to grow heavy, slushy like even, and then three gunshots rang out through the night. Julie’s scream pierced the night moments later.
Julie woke up with a start. She sat up and looked at her surroundings. She was in a field of blue flowers, and she felt a gentle rainfall pitter patter against her flesh. She tried to stand up, wondering how she got here; her mind hazy for some reason. Yet, as she tried to stand, she felt something keeping her from moving too much.
She also felt a warm gooey sensation around her middle, and when she looked down at herself, she saw a blue arm wrapped around her. She could see through the arm, where she saw three large holes in her stomach.
Suddenly, it all started to come back to her, and the haze over her mind started to disperse. She remembered being chased, running through an alleyway. Panic re-established itself in her mind and her stomach started to ache as she remembered being shot. She struggled and tried to move, but something held her firmly in place.
“Shh.” Whispered a melodic note into Julie’s ear. “Shh… Stop wiggling or you’re going to hurt yourself.” It was then that Julie realized what the blue arm around her middle was. It really was an arm. She poked it, trying to distract herself from the holes in her stomach.
“Maybe I’m just dreaming.” She says to herself, poking the arm again. This time her fingers sank into the warm goo.
“I wish you were dreaming, but you’re not. Thankfully, we will be saving each other.” The melodic voice whispered gently in her ear. Julie tried to turn towards the stranger that held her tight, but when she twisted her middle, she was stopped by a dull pain.
“What do you mean?” She asked the stranger, her voice filled with worry, “What do you mean, we can both save each other?” She watched as the goo around her middle started to expand, slowly growing and engulfing the lower half of her body. The mass shifted around her, and suddenly it seemed like she was looking at a blue tinted mirror. For as the slime shifted around her, a blue transparent, and gooey version of her upper body stared back at her. She felt a discomfort wash over her as the slime’s melodic voice left her blue lips.
“I require a host in order to exist, and you’re dying.” She said gently, a hand gently caressed Julie’s cheek. Julie looked away from the slime, she was quiet confused at what was going on.
“A… A host?” Julie asked meekly. Her blue self nodded. “But, wouldn’t making me your hot kill me? Is that why I’m dying?” She asked, shock flowed into her tone as she started to struggle in the blue goo that enveloped her lower half. A dull pain started to make itself known again. Her gooey face winced as Julie tried to pull away.
“Stop it, or you’ll kill us both. The bullet holes in your body are what were going to kill you. I’m acting as a clot, absorbing your blood and replacing it with myself. You can’t stop it unless you want us both to die.” She said in a concerned tone, but it sounded like she wouldn’t let Julie kill them both.
“What are you?” Julie finally asked. She looked at the field and then also asked, “And where are we? This isn’t the alley that I was left in.”
“We are in the recesses of our mind.” She says simply.
“Our mind?” Julie asked perplexed. The goo form nodded.
“Soon, it will only be one of our minds.” Julie felt the goo rise up a little more, engulfing the underside of her breasts.
“Only one of us? Are you going to kill me or something?” Julie asked, very worried now. She tried to move, but unlike last time, she found herself stuck and unable to move or struggle.
“I might, if you insist on trying to get away from me.” The goo enveloped the rest of her breasts and inched its way up to her neck.
“You might? What, were you thinking of letting me live and killing yourself?” Julie asked her, more confused than ever. The goo shook her head.
“I wouldn’t be killing myself. I’d be living my life through you. I would become you.” She said simply.
“But why?” She asked the slime as it expanded and engulfed her arms.
“Because I don’t know what else there is. Now be quiet and just relax.” She said gently, her voice slowly trailing off to a whisper as the goo fully engulfed the last of her head. A sudden exhaustion took a hold of Julie, and her eyes slowly closed.
Moments later, she opened her eyes and felt a fullness in her stomach, and there wasn’t a tint o blue shrouding her sight. She also found that she wasn’t in the field anymore. Instead, she was back in the alleyway, and she felt very strange. She felt very soft, and it felt like there was something huge in her middle.
She looked down at her stomach and saw her old body curled up within the gooey blue slime. It was slowly shrinking; her body looked like a melting ice cube. Her old body looked soft and putty-like. Needless to say, Julie was not fond o this image, and she passed out from the sight. Over the course of a few hours, the last of her body melted down, becoming a part of the slime that surrounded it.
Julie awoke with a start. Her hands jumped to her face and she felt her old face. The rain fell gently on her smooth skin, and she slowly crawled to a puddle and gazed into the mirror. Her old self stared back at her, yet she felt different.
She felt as if her body was heavier. Her petite frame seemed heavier, as if her body was compacted into her small form. She stood up and wobbled on her feet. There was an ache in her back, but when she went to rub it, she didn’t feel her spin.
Further inspection of her body learned that she didn’t have any bones at all. Her dream came back to her in waves of remembrance. Had it really happened? She looked at her hand and concentrated on becoming the same consistency of the slime. Slowly, her fingers melted into blue goo, and the shock of watching her fingers turn into blue slime snapped her fingers back to normal, leaving a blue residue on her finger tips.
Curiously, she stuck her fingers into her mouth. She tasted like blueberries. And then a thought occurred. If the slime had absorbed her and let her take control of their lives, maybe she could absorb people too. A devilish grin appeared on her face as revenge entered her mind.

It really anger's me that the tab button doesn't work here .-.

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08-08-2012 07:14 PM

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RE: Kino's story corner
Not bad at all, looking forward to your next upload

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10-11-2015 04:19 PM

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RE: Kino's story corner
A riveting tale Smile

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