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Jungle Vs. Lane
03-23-2011 02:25 AM

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Jungle Vs. Lane
So Phreak made the video on Nocturne and started the great rising of the jungling shadows. We've all been there and been pissed and annoyed.

Because of this many scoffed at the idea of a laning Nocturne. However, I've seen more and more people do this either because of a better jungler or just wanting to lane.

I'm curious by this and would like to hear people's input about the pros and cons of both play style of Nocturne as well as possible quasi-guides to both.

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03-23-2011 03:04 AM

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RE: Jungle Vs. Lane
Well there are a few things you have to be aware of, especially with nocturne, in the idea of jungling versus laning.

One HUGE HUGE issue with Nocturne, is its waaaay to simple to ruin his jungling because of the way he has to jungle.

Mostly I've seen, and it is pretty much the best and safest way to jungle is to do Wraiths, Wolves, Golem. All you need to do is either be smart and kill his golem, or if he isn't at wraiths, you kill his wraiths first and move on, it completely ruins his jungle, and if you're counter jungling against Nocturne, do this (udyr or ww basically can steal his golem with no problem at all) He's then forced to lane to make up the difference or sit around his jungle and be useless, because he will be in-fact useless.

He's way too risky for a jungler, playing it on the edge most of the time starting out for the first 4-5 levels with barely any health left, and especially when you got Nocturnes who think starting at golem is the best idea, I can't tell you how easy it is to just walk over to enemy blue (as a laner in top or bottom) and just kill him and steal his blue he's worked so hard to get, because it is a chore for him.

I've made countless Nocturne's ragequit because they get pissed that they keep getting killed at their golem and often end up being underleveled or out jungled by my own teams jungler.

Granted he does make a nice jungle in the aspect of ganking, but really most of the time (from how I've observed and done myself) I just level to slowly, so ganking becomes impractical. Its like running into a fight with a knife while the enemy has a massive long sword, killing you and your solo because you overestimated Nocturne's abilities.

Laning is where he shines.

Phreak, don't get me wrong he's okay, but a lot of his tips are just stupid. Its as dumb as when he suggested that Xin jungle is the best Xin...

Laning Nocturne gets to be a true terror. Firstly, his Q and its scaling are devastating. Puny squishies and tanks will get chopped up by it, and it makes farming and pushing a breeze because it mows down minions like a knife through butter. Just be sure to make it clear to your lane partner that you are wanting to farm it up, so its better that you lane with a support or range champ like teemo or nidalee. (I've had a lot of success laning with nidalee, and by a lot of success I mean, I pushed a tower down against sivir and sion - two solid lane pushers - in under 4 minutes)

There is also another beauty with lovely Lane Nocturne. If there is the off chance you don't have a jungle and the other team does, take that solo lane with a partner and get ready for some fun. Nocturne is an anti-gank machine. I've ruined so mank jungle ganks (even against the dreaded Udyr and Rammus junglers) to the point where they were crying about Nocturne's OP Fear (cmon its a delayed 2 second fear - most of the time its 1.25 because of early ganks - Fiddle gets a 2-3 second fear that's instant and damn near spammable with CDR)

Nocturne is just a more solid lane partner because you're going to punish anyone in that lane because of how squishy he actually seems, but his early dps, damage, and cc he's a constant threat even at half health.

Its more of a personal choice, but I would definitely take whatever Phreak says with a grain of salt, he says a lot of bad things when it comes to champion spotlights, and half of which basically seems like staged fights because of how moronic the people he is playing against are) But that's always been an irritation of mine.

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03-23-2011 05:10 AM

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RE: Jungle Vs. Lane
i likez farming better

i jungle, and i do good.

im gonna keep jungling with full AS rune.

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