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How do you build your Ezreal?
04-02-2011 11:21 AM

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How do you build your Ezreal?
I start out with Doran's Ring because the extra mana regen in the beginning allows me to stay in lane a bit longer. I'll sell the ring later in the game for a bit of gold. Then I get Ionian Boots of Lucidity, because the 15% cooldown reduction allows for Q spell spamming. Then I work towards building a Manamune, always building the Tear of the Goddess first. After it's complete, I build Archangel's Staff, then I will build a Sheen. If the game looks like it could go on for quite some time after I build the Sheen, I'll usually go for the Trinity Force. Otherwise, I build it into Lich Bane. By this time, the game is nearly over.

I want to try out the Deathfire Grasp with Ez's ult for an insane initiating attack. I might try building it instead of the Sheen->Lich Bane the next game and see what happens.

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04-04-2011 03:02 PM
Super Minion

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RE: How do you build your Ezreal?
Are you talking about hybrid?
Start with Meki Pendant.
This allows you to rush Tear of the Goddess.
Sorceror's Boots > Lucidity because 40% can be achieved from golem buff and deathfire grasp/morello's evil tome/nashor's tooth
From there you can either build manamune or archangels.
Get Sheen after you build the second item ^
Also guinsoos rageblade.

If straight up DPS,
Start with Meki Pendant, rush Tear, build Manamune and boots, Sheen, Frozen Mallet and then go situational from there.

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04-08-2011 02:02 PM

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RE: How do you build your Ezreal?
my style of play
hard carry
ghost flash

flat armor pen marks
flat armor pen quints
mp per 5 per lvl seals and glyphs.

21/0/9 important parts are armor pen and AP per level, ignore the extra damage to minions.

how to play
tri force build
start:doran blade
first recall at 1650ish: sheen boots hp pot.
ask jungler for red buff on the way back. if no jungler then grab it yourself and use the hp pot. if they dont give then tell them they are shit for ever taking red over ezreal and watch them not even gank a lane with it.
get zerk greave/tier 3 boots if they have a malz/olaf/vlad/annie or any hero you dont want to be near.
if no jungler rush a wriggles lantern
if jungler start building phage and then zeal.
after you finish tri force build black cleaver getting bf sword first. if you have enough money for the dagger dont get it cause it will make you look bad. buy a ward or fort pot instead. you look higher elo that way.
finish with last whisper/bloodthirster or tank item if needed.

how to play
lifesteal build
get fed before doing this build
start:doran blade
first recall at at 1800: brutalizer boots
demand red buff. if you dont get it afk till the next one spawns.
next build wriggles if no jungler, getting the vampric scepter first.
build blood thirster if there is a jungler or if you already have wriggles.
then get a cleaver/last whisper/tank items

how to play
starting:cloth 5 hp pots or sword 1 hp pot
rush blood razor get tier 3 boots.
if they dont surrender well your fucked cause ez has 550 range.
no just kidding build frozen heart and FON(swap for banshees veil if needed) and then cleaver/last whisper depending on their items.

p.s: never build manamune unless your going tank ad ezreal. and planning to get carried until late game.
because if you start a manamune you just fucked up your early game.

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04-08-2011 07:06 PM
CapriSun Straw

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RE: How do you build your Ezreal?
I go AD.
"Starting Item" + HP pots (Sapphire Crystal, Doran Shield, Doran Blade)
Sheen + Boots
Boots of Swiftness or Mercury Treads
The Brutalizer + Vampire Scepter
The Bloodthirster
"Defensive Item" (Thornmail, Randuin's Omen, Banshee's Veil)
Youmuu's Ghostblade
Some type of damage item (Turn Sheen into Trinity Force, The Black Cleaver, The Bloodthirster, Madred's Bloodrazor)
One of the items above, but not the same. So no 3 of The Bloodthirsters, 2 of Madred's Bloodazor, etc.
Usually, at the end, I have

Trinity Force
Boots of Swiftness
Youmuu's Ghostblade
The Bloodthirster
Defensive Item
The Black Cleaver if they have much armor, The Bloodthirster if they are squishy, Madred's Bloodrazor if they have a very wealthy amount of HP.

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