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Easy Mode?
05-04-2011 07:06 PM

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Easy Mode?
I've always been told and everyone says that Katarina is easy mode.

Pretty much you build AP, find someone, jump at them, faceroll your skills and their dead.

I know this isn't entirely true but 80% of the time someone plays Kat in co-op, normal, ranked,etc it seems they usually have the most kills amoung everyone.

I also know that she isn't entirely super easy but it just seems she's an easy champion to build and to use to kill. So I'd like to hear what fellow users of this champion say about this.

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05-04-2011 11:44 PM
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RE: Easy Mode?
People say the same about Evelynn, which makes me sad considering I main with her. However, most Evelynns I play against are terribad... So she can't be as easy as everyone's insisting.

Katarina should be easy, since she is recommended for beginners. Unfortunately, that also allows high Elo abuse as well. I do agree that Katarina is easy to play, but she is also very easy to stop. Her main damage comes from her ultimate, which can be stopped by any disable.

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05-05-2011 11:10 AM

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RE: Easy Mode?
Coming from an ex-Katarina player, I can tell you that she is one of the deadliest champions when fed, but one of the easiest to counter.

Her HP, even with Rylai's or RoA leaves her completely vulnerable to burst attacks, even with BV (which is a pain in the ass to get), she's still easily stopped by CC.

Team fights? Katarina is the janitor. She'll come in once everything's been dished out, and wipe out their team. Otherwise, she's the shittiest team-fighter ever. Her auto sucks (AD Katarina in general sucks even if Death Lotus stacks better with AD). She's all about her Ult. If she can't use it (due to high cc on the other team) she's fucked.

Katarina in high ELO?


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