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Building Heimer?
03-24-2011 10:16 PM

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Building Heimer?
Okay got out of 2 games, one good, the other bad. Both times i was yelled at for building wrong...and I just don't get it, I literally copy how I've seen other heimer's build. Going AP and spamming rockets like an idiot. Yet when I start building AP, I get yelled at by randoms, telling me that I'm building wrong.

I've gotten deathcap + void staff and merc treds of sorc depending on the amount of CC on the other team. Yet each time I get yelled at because my team, literally feeds a jungle till the point where he's bursting with damage, and we're getting ace'd by jungle amu because my team doesn't bother pushing back the rest of theirs while their anivia and MF push on through following him up, leading to us getting murdered. While our Gangplank sits in bushes hiding thinking he's going to some how 1v5 their team and gets mad at us for not following him into his death since we're sitting by a turret and he's hiding near golem and if we bother to go toward him they'll see is and just head that way as well.

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