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  League of Legends - Skarner Champion Spotlight
Last post by David - 08-09-2011 03:41 PM
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  League of Legends Dominion Gameplay: The Legend Evolves
Last post by David - 08-08-2011 02:06 PM
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With League of Legends: Dominion just on the horizon, the goal was to really push League of Legends gameplay to the next level, providing a truly new and innovative experience for you. Whether you're a brand new summoner still leveling up or a grizzled veteran taking to the Field for yet another battle, we wanted League of Legends: Dominion to feel drastically different than our classic gameplay while still capturing those same elements that make League of Legends fun and exciting to play.


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  League of Legends - Patch Preview
Last post by David - 08-07-2011 03:28 PM
3536 Views - 7 Replies

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  A New Champion Approaches: Skarner, the Crystal Vanguard
Last post by David - 08-05-2011 07:20 PM
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Energize (Passive): Basic attacks lower the cooldowns of Skarner's abilities by 1 second against champions and 0.5 seconds against non-champions.

Crystal Slash: Skarner lashes out with his claws, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies and charging himself with Crystal Energy for several seconds. If he casts Crystal Slash again while empowered by Crystal Energy, he deals bonus magic damage and slows all targets hit.

Crystalline Exoskeleton: Skarner gains a shield and while the shield persists his movement speed and attack speed are both increased.

Fracture: Skarner summons a blast of crystalline energy which deals damage to enemies struck and marks them. Any further damage dealt to marked targets by Skarner will allow him to consume the mark to heal himself.

Impale (Ultimate): Skarner suppresses an enemy champion and deals magic damage to it. During this time, skarner can move freely and will drag his helpless victim around with him. When the effect ends, Skarner's target will be dealt additional damage.

[Image: Untitled-7_thumb.jpg]
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Last post by Joshua - 08-04-2011 11:25 AM
6229 Views - 13 Replies

League Of Legends site Wrote:Summoners!

Many of you may have been wondering out loud just what we have in store for the future. Today we are pleased to give you your first look at League of Legends: Dominion, the largest game update in the history of League of Legends. This update will feature not only a brand new map, but also an entirely new game mode showcasing innovative gameplay never before attempted in the MOBA genre.

For quite some time, all of you have been clamoring for new battlefields upon which to test your skills against other summoners in League of Legends. We're pleased to announce that we've heard you, and that for over a year our Design Team has been working tirelessly to craft Dominion into a truly new and groundbreaking experience.

On the Crystal Scar players will battle for control of five capture points, holding them to damage their enemies' nexus. The game ends when one team had seized control long enough to drain the opposing team's nexus down to zero. Battles last around 20 minutes, and focus on high-intensity, player-versus-player combat. If you've been looking for a fast-paced, high-intensity competitive gaming experience, this is what you've been waiting for.

We're taking Dominion on the road during convention season this year, allowing you to get your hands on the new game mode at both Gamescom in Cologne, Germany and PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington! Stay tuned for more details as we draw closer to these exciting events.

To find out more about this upcoming game mode and new Field of Justice, as well as get your first look at what Dominion will be like in action, visit the official Dominion Website.

Update: Some of you have expressed interest in when Dominion will be available worldwide, and we wanted to respond to that directly. While we take a “when it’s ready” approach to our feature releases, you will be able to play Dominion in a nearly complete state at GamesCom (August 17-21) in Europe and at PAX Prime (August 26-2Cool in North America.

League of Legends: Dominion will make it into your daily play schedule shortly after PAX.

Keep an eye out on our website over the month of August for more information, video documentaries, trailers, live streams and gameplay previews.

Seems super cool. REAAAAAAALLY looking forward to this

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