Forum Announcement: Forum Rules (Please Read Before Posting)
04-11-2011 03:49 PM

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Forum Rules (Please Read Before Posting)
1. No flaming, flamebaiting, trolling, or insulting other members.
Flaming is the often deliberate act of posting messages on forums that have the intent of insulting or creating dissent within a group. These posts may be filled with excessive profanity and/or personal insults. Insulting other members (calling someone a moron, retard, idiot, etc.) falls under this category. Insulting other members includes members of the DFOSource staff.
Flamebaiting is the act of posting a message with the intent of provoking an angry response.
Trolling is posting inflammatory or or off-topic messages on forums with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

2. No negative or disparaging remarks against any race, culture, beliefs, sexuality, gender, or nationality.
Discrimination of any kind is not allowed.

3. No spamming.
Spamming is posting messages with no real content in them, or off-topic posts. These posts are often one-liners, and will be deleted. Please ask yourself if your message contributes to the thread or is constructive before you post it. Spamming images or image macros falls under this category, and so do PMs and visitor messages.
Exceptions: Spam, Forum Games

4. No thread derailing.
Thread derailing is the act of trying to steer a thread off-topic by discussing a subject entirely unrelated to the subject of the original post.
Exceptions: Spam, Forum Games

5. Do not double post or create duplicate threads.
The edit button is there for a reason! Use it. If for some reason you accidentally double post, delete it or report it so an admin/moderator may delete it for you. If you accidentally post in the wrong section, report it and an admin/moderator will move it.

6. No advertising products, referral links, or alternate League of Legends related fansites via threads, posts, private messages, and signatures.
This includes referral URLs and advertising in signatures. Please report bots, they will be permabanned.

7. No NSFW content.
This includes threads, posts, images, videos, links, etc.

8. Do not link to sites that may cause harm to another user's computer.

9. No sharing or posting links or files pertaining to piracy of any kind.

10. Do not create alternate accounts or ban dodge.
Wait out your ban. If you were banned permanently, that means we don't want you back. Ever. Any accounts you create in the future will be immediately banned. All ban appeals should be PMed to the staff, do not make threads about them. If you are able to prove you are indeed innocent, your main account will be unbanned. Creating alternate accounts for malicious purposes will result in your main account being punished as well as the alternate account being banned. If you feel you were banned unfairly, you may create an alternate account for the sole purpose of PMing the staff a ban appeal. Do not make a thread about it.

The Report Button [Image: postbit_report.gif]
Do not hesitate to click this button! When posts are reported, we will always do something about them whether that is deleting the post/handing out infractions/banning users if the report is legit.

The DemacianComics Staff